SECURA IMC provides professional fund management services from the structuring of the Fund to the end of the fund through its life cycle.

1. Fund Structuring: SECURA IMC starts professional fund management from the fund structuring stage itself. It defines and aligns the fund structuring, legal format, tax method, regulatory matters, financial patterns etc. 

2. Investment Management: The Structured Fund Investments shall be managed by the SECURA IMC considering the market conditional, potential investment area and other factors. It would identify all the investment options and market arena and will make the decisions through its expertise analysis.

3. Fund Operation: The operation of the Fund through its life cycle shall be managed by the SECURA IMC based on its structure and charter documents to achieve its defined objectives.



SECURA PMC manages the whole affairs of the construction projects from the conceptual stage to commissioning. It includes Administration and Operation of the projects, Project Procedure Systems, Project Coordination Systems, Overall Project Control Management, Documentation, Design Management, Design Concept Creation, Design Analysis, Optimum Method Engineering, Prequalification and appoint of Contractors and Consultants, Purchase and Procurement Management, Purchase and Procurement Method, Management of Building Construction, Quality Inspection, Status, Progress and Information Management, Schedule Management, Integrated Schedule Structuring, Execution System, Payment Systems Structure, Cost Planning, Project Budget Control, Project Cash Flow etc.



SECURA PMC does the leasing of commercial, residential and retail spaces for the projects managing by the company based on the requirements. The add on leasing process enables the project management to complete in its all sphere. The expertise professional leasing and sales team of SECURA manages the leasing and sales process.